In this article, we’ll give you the rundown on increasing conversion rates and ways to keep your customers satisfied. 

Also, the following three topics will be covered in this article to allow maximum benefit for you:

  1. What are Website Retargeting Ads?
  2. How to Create Awesome Advertisements for Website Retargeting Efforts
  3. Ways to Optimize Your Website for Potential Customers

Before we jump into each section, let’s first go through a couple of important pieces of knowledge so that you can have a better idea of website retargeting strategies.

To begin, retargeting ads allow a marketer to reach a potential customer based on some of the following key metrics:

  • Retarget websites (URLs) that users previously visited
  • Finding user interest and online customer behavior
  • Retargeting existing customers and any new customer behavior

Now, let’s dive into what website retargeting ads even are and where they fit into the bigger picture of website retargeting strategies.

What are Website Retargeting Ads? 

When website visitors leave a site, that website will still follow the visitor (not literally…think more in a virtual sense). The company will then display ads related to the products or services advertised on that content. These ads can be created by 3rd party retargeting vendors.

When thought of in a more creative way – website retargeting ads can exploit consumers’ curiosity in a way that is indescribably irresistible. Specifically, the two main goals of website retargeting ads are the following:

  1. Increase customer loyalty
  2. Improve sales numbers

Gaining deeper insight into website retargeting strategies, a marketer can use retargeting ads to ‘fish’ for other visitors who have left the previous webpage, with the hope they will return and complete their shopping process.

Ultimately, retargeting ads occur on websites when different users visit a given site and visit certain pages at different times. The retargeting ads could be served with the use of those sites’ own advertising platforms or delivered by an advertising identification firm (also known as an ad partner).

How to Create Awesome Advertisements for Website Retargeting Efforts? 

Retargeting endeavors depend on advertisements. And the effectiveness of these advertisements relies on their design and creative messages. Below, you’ll be able to get a glimpse into how to create awesome ads for any retargeting campaign.

There are three basic principles of great ad copywriting: 

  1. Clarity: A good ad is clear. At the core, a clear ad is basically a message with no fluff and one that potential customers can understand with little to no additional clarification. 
  2. Honesty: a second imperative for great advertising is that it be honest. Ignoring whether or not advertising is flat-out lying does nothing for building trust, and people will most likely not partake in spending their money because of that. 
  3. Simplicity: the last principle necessary for effective ad copywriting – simplicity wins every time over having to make your brand stand out from the others in some way or another. You want your customer scanning but still presentable all at once

The ultimate goal of any advertising campaign should be to convert more customers to buy into the promoted service or product. Anything else achieved by an ad is just icing on the cake.

Ways to Optimize Your Website for Potential Customers 

Creating a website optimization strategy is no easy task. But with a bit of planning (and re-planning), optimizing your website for potential customers can be made easier through testing, obtaining data points, and taking note of new trends and tastes.

An optimized retargeting ad has some of the following elements incorporated into a website retargeting strategy:

  • Attention-grabbing headline: Finding the most relevant keywords to match with actionable words can help pull in a potential customer to check out your services or products.
  • Relatable media that is also beautiful: Creating media (whether it be an infographic, video series, or other creative outlets), is the most efficient way to connect with your audience.
  • A tried and true CTA: Making a Call to Action (CTA) that is personable and benefits-oriented is one tried and true method to have an effective CTA.
  • Copy that incites action: Discovering ways to make your ad copy more actionable should be the ultimate goal of any copy. You’ll want to ensure that any customer (or returning customer) feels there is a need to make an online purchase.

Conclusion & Bonus Tips

Essentially, marketers can hijack their customer bases’ attention with a relevant offer that will entice the potential client to invest their time in possibly purchasing your service or product.

Advertising messages become more relevant and cost-effective by targeting specific people who have already expressed any form of intent in the past. In translation, this means retargeting campaigns allows you to serve any potential customer with an ad that they will recognize since they searched online for a similar service or product. 

What this means for your business is that you’ll be able to save on spending large amounts of Ad money on mistargeted groups that won’t even convert over. 

Since website retargeting efforts can be an automated process (for the most part), you’ll want to make sure your CRM system is updated with every new (and relevant) lead. Because the key for your retargeting campaign performance will rely heavily on your CRM database being updated with the most recent customer information.

Either way, website retargeting strategies depend significantly on your business’ ultimate end goal. It’s not enough to just state that you want higher profits or steep revenue increases. No, you must create definable metrics that will help you, and your team, aim to potentially achieve greatness.


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