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We leverage technology and infuse media to help campaigns win on election day. At our core, we’re focused on building trust in our relationships. Trust that will deliver results.


Managing Director



A Team You Can Rely On

Matt created Rally Digital to harness the power of creativity, technology, and partnerships to improve marketing and advertising to help campaigns win. He’s the current Managing Director of Walker Media Agency and a former Co-Founder and Partner of Platform Digital inc.


Kate Williams

Art Director

Roro Fernandez

Senior Web Designer and Developer

Larry Gordon

Web Designer and Developer

Matthew Ramirez


Grace Snyder

Graphic Designer

Nick Galfano

Supply Chain and Logistics Consultant, Principal 100 Operations

Parker Adams

Programmatic Advertising Specialist

Tyler Lance

SEO Specialist

Sam Bravo

Finance Director

Sean Wagner

Account Coordinator

Allie Tank

Account Coordinator

Jackson Dufault

Account Coordinator

Kate Wroblewski



Strategic Consulting

Providing your business with support on marketing and technology decisions, including utilizing strategic planning softwares such as customer relationship management (CRM), marketing resource management (MRM), and email service providers (ESPs), is part of what we do here at Rally Digital. Strategic consulting, in today’s modern business landscape, includes pinpointing industry trends, creating plans to improve performance and revenue, and identifying alternative company markets.

Web Design and Development

 Innovation, optimization, and the overall user experience are just some of the details we don’t overlook. Partnering with our clients, we’re driven to create dynamic or straightforward designs for desktop, mobile, and tablet browsers that can help us share our client’s vision with the world.

Digital Advertising

 We like to optimize our client’s promotional material for programmatic, paid search, paid social, pre-roll, demand side platform (DSP), display, video, and mobile. Getting the message out about a new product or service is important enough. So when our clients look to us to find what works best for them and their business, we strive to deliver effective results every time.

Email Fundraising

For us, we take maximizing engagement on a call-to-action or a strong story-driven email very seriously. The potential to make a significant return from email fundraising for any cause worth fighting for can mean the world to our clients and their prospective donors. We refuse to settle for less and strive to accomplish our client’s goals every single day.

Media Planning and Buying

Positioning our client’s message via an out-of-home advertising (OOH) billboard, linear TV, over-the-top media service (OTT), connected TV (CTV), or virtually any other advertising need, is our number one priority for our media planning and buying strategies. Delivering the best media planning and buying service is vital to both our clients and us. 

Graphic Design

Our art department is prepared to help our clients with artistic graphics and eye-grabbing advertisements. From a unique and customized ad, infographic, logo, or business card, our goal is prepared the moment our clients share with us their ideas. After all, our client’s business is our business.

SMS Marketing

Whether it be a campaign, promotion, or news update, we’re here to help our clients with any SMS marketing needs. From application to peer (A2P) or peer to peer (P2P) methods, for us, matching our client’s voice, tone, and style helps our clients stand-out from the crowd and maintain consistency with their brand and image. 

Print Materials and SWAG

Fulfillment shipping is always an in demand service for our clients. Partnering with them to achieve their merchandising aspirations is what we’re here for. Whether it be keeping tabs on SKU count, helping with shipment and handling, or even helping with return apparel, we’re focused on getting our clients ready to manage their business the way it should be run.

Supply Chain Logistics, Delivery, and Warehousing

We have expanded our services to this new sector with the desire to assist our clients with fulfilling any other business needs across their supply chain. With our e-commerce and supply chain expertise, our clients will have access to supply chain optimization, e-commerce implementation, warehouse management, and much more. 



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