As the Founder of Disruptive Investements Inc. I recently increased the reach of our investments with the addition of 100 Operations. 100 Operations helps your logistics and delivery service gain efficiency in business processes, which is a top priority in today’s logistics environment. 100 Operations can provide key improvements to critical processes for less waste and more output with proven success. 

With 100 Operations being included in our portfolio of businesses, I’d like to share a bit of history on Disruptive Investment Inc., more background on 100 Operations, and also what my new investment means for the future of all of my businesses.

100 Operations’ owner, Nick Galfano, has a mission to help other businesses with their logistics and delivery proficiency. 100 Operations’ analyzes current processes and improves existing systems in a personalized manner. 

The main areas 100 Operations helps increase business effectiveness include:

  • supply chain optimization, 
  • process design and improvement, 
  • e-Commerce implementation, 
  • warehouse management,
  • team leadership development, and 
  • KPI management. 

We can help support your customers with expanding logistics, warehousing, and e-commerce capabilities.

In addition, with my investment in 100 Operations, I can now better serve my customers and their desires to continue expanding on their logistics and delivery services. 

Transitioning over to what this means for some of my business ventures, I now see many great opportunities to extend further where I see my businesses going. For example, with Walker Media Agency and Rally Digital, I can better create your e-commerce site and expand while working with 100 Operations to help handle the logistics and delivery services of your e-commerce business. 

Now, as I move on to the next chapter in my business venture, I’m excited for you to check out all of my related businesses and see what services my team and I can help provide you. As always, I look forward to connecting with you and continuing to serve my current clients to the best of my ability!